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Title: "laura"  Uploaded by Lyon17  No. of Views: 1649
Ranked: 1st place
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June 22, 2008 1:25 PM mohak_7 mohak_7 beautiful picture and you are also beautiful.
June 18, 2008 9:44 AM lexie23 lexie23 Lyon, congrats on your 1st prize portrait win of Laura. Very
nice shot with a really pretty young lady!
June 4, 2008 7:11 PM mattbranb mattbranb What a wonderful picture!! Very captivating.
June 4, 2008 1:05 PM impact90 impact90 ndo cazzo sta 'sta tipa?
June 4, 2008 1:05 PM CarmineXX CarmineXX Bionda occhi azzurri, sticazzi.

E poi già dal nome è stupenda.
June 4, 2008 1:04 PM CarmineXX CarmineXX Bionda occhi azzurri, sticazzi.

E poi già dal nome è stupenda.
June 3, 2008 8:54 PM cute08 cute08 pretty eyes! Good Luck! Please stop by and look at my pics,
Thanks xxx
June 3, 2008 8:39 PM FaghErMejo FaghErMejo niente male la tipa XD

June 3, 2008 8:30 PM Faust Faust Vecchio lupo!
June 3, 2008 7:31 PM bmg23 bmg23 Wow, you came right in and took over this competition now
didn't you. Congrats on your 1st place.
June 3, 2008 7:06 PM dakariello dakariello ciao lyon, sono un amico di perin! bella foto!
June 3, 2008 12:22 PM Pesollo Pesollo 4th place! Good luck boy!

Beautiful girl. :)
June 3, 2008 12:20 PM svamp92 svamp92 weee lyon anch'io sono 4°.... comunque do ragione a
perin... qwe
June 3, 2008 10:46 AM veeto veeto Che Gnocca :)
June 3, 2008 12:43 AM anaayesh anaayesh Wow Pretty Laura :D
June 2, 2008 7:59 PM bossladeh bossladeh please return the vote.
June 2, 2008 7:21 AM mama1015 mama1015 Beautiful girl, nice angle, good luck! Please take a look at
my photos too, thanks:)
June 1, 2008 8:44 PM Cube88 Cube88 Nice shot, voted!
June 1, 2008 2:45 PM clairerbo clairerbo nice picture. good luck to you

thanks for your comments, check my other pictures out
June 1, 2008 1:34 PM coyotepam coyotepam You are gorgeous. Model material. Love your eyes. Thanks so
much for your vote. It is greatly appreciated. If you get
time take a look at my other photos. Thanks...Pam
June 1, 2008 12:45 PM lexie23 lexie23 Very nice portrait of Laura. Beautiful eyes & very
pretty girl. Like the angle on this shot. Thanks for
looking at my daughter in the Happiest birtday comp.,
appreciate your nice comments & support. :)
May 31, 2008 11:55 PM Lyon17 Lyon17 I didn't say that i voted...
I only vote for 5 photos, but i have also commented the
May 31, 2008 8:46 PM profsurkan profsurkan nice color composition! very artistic! thanks for visiting
my photo as well. . .
May 31, 2008 7:52 PM Heavenandus7 Heavenandus7 Hello I see that you are telling everyone that you Have
Voted for them, when you Know you can only VOTE 5 Times in a
Competion...Thought I would let you know............GL
May 31, 2008 5:42 PM Perin Perin Lyon basta raccattare foto da google XD
May 31, 2008 5:13 PM Heavenandus7 Heavenandus7 Beautiful Portrait........
I Was Wondering if you Could Stop By, I would Really Love
it if you Could.....The first Link ends soon ,and I can
use all The Help I can get.LOL

God Bless & Thank You
May 31, 2008 3:50 PM svamp92 svamp92 The most beautiful photo. Good portrait!! GL and come to see
my photo ;)
May 31, 2008 3:47 PM Vincy91 Vincy91 Nice photo and nice girl!Good luck!
May 31, 2008 11:47 AM angelwarda angelwarda laura is so beautiful!
May 31, 2008 9:28 AM mindym306 mindym306 Very nice portrait work! Good luck! Please come and check
out some of mine if you get a chance!
May 31, 2008 8:46 AM rhonbaker rhonbaker this is so beautiful! good luck to you in this one too!
contest is ending... last
chance to vote if you like it.